Helping Hands Ministries * 206 Chamblin St * Woodruff, SC 29388

(864) 476-2401

Providing crisis assistance to area residents

Providing crisis assistance to area residentsProviding crisis assistance to area residents

What We DO


Helping Hands Ministries Provides

  • Food
  • Financial assistance with Utility bills, Rent and Life sustaining prescription medication 
  • Clothes, shoes, household items, health and beauty aids, books, toys

to those in need, regardless of race, religion, nationality or creed. In cases when needs cannot be reasonably met by Helping Hands Ministries, we will attempt to refer individuals to other agencies for assistance. 


Mrs. G: Before I started going to Helping Hands I felt alone and depressed.  A neighbor told me to go and get signed up with Helping Hands to get some nutritious food and "new" clothes to make me feel better. I am forever grateful to the wonderful folks at Helping Hands.  The volunteers have given me recipes for the fresh fruits and vegetables they provide.  I feel so much better! I am eating better, exercising and enjoy talking to the other clients and volunteers at Helping Hands Ministries.

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